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Your approach. Your START. Your foundational financial, marketing and operational systems, workflows, and understanding of the business are everything to your company. Used properly, they can increase your freedom through accelerated growth and higher profits. This program is all about showing you how to efficiently use your systems and other tools to get more done and make decisions based on real-time data in order to drive your company forward toward greater success!

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Increase profits.
Get more done.
Take calculated steps.

Do you own a business? Or do you want to start a company and don't know how? What steps are crucial for success? Kristy specializes in an organizational approach to your company—from setting up systems to streamlining operations, marketing and financials—all in order for you to drive your company towards greater success and more freedom!



Monthly Training

Participate in monthly sessions sharing specially curated content in a group environment with the opportunity to ask questions directly of Kristy.

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One-On-One Consulting

Book Kristy for an hour-long individual coaching session or bring her into your company for a whole day to take a peek inside your business and provide valuable insight and feedback.

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Online workshops and training. You can also visit Kristy for a two-day intensive at the 1926 Farmhouse where Day One is learning and Day Two is implementing.

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Business Tools

Shop Kristy's favorite business tools, products, and services—including her popular Quarterly STARTplanner.

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"Kristy brings positive energy and clear direction to anyone she speaks with.  Motivational and awe-inspiring, she is always willing to help, regardless. She is super passionate and has a unique gift to help others transform. "

Emily Stento, Harvard Intellifiate Business Convention
Hi there, I'm Kristy Gayton—

I am here to push YOU and your business!

I love entrepreneurship. I love finance and all the interworkings of running a small company. And I am 100% sure that with my knowledge and vast array of experience I can help YOU level up by making informed decisions, finding the right resources, and setting up your system correctly and efficiently to enable you to drive the company forward. We all need coaching, training, and pushing sometimes, and I truly believe all entrepreneurs need a coach for accountability. I look forward to being that coach and challenging you!

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It is time to see real growth!

Let's build or rebuild an organizational structure with systems that save you time and give you information to drive your company forward!

Are any of these you?

  • Caught up in doing the tasks of the business, but it's not bringing in the money you desire. 
  • Don’t understand the profit or overhead involved with your company. Don't know your financial data in real-time.  
  • Constantly looking for documents and files within a system without any organization.
  • Not sure what to post on social media or if you are behind with your posting. Don't have an automated system or workflow.
  • Looking to be pushed to be greater in your business for the service of you and others.
  • Have an idea and want to create a company but don't know where to start. 
  • Want to grow. You have a solid business but want another eye to help look for ways to create more profit, cut overhead, and make it a more efficient operation. 
  • Need accountability or a routine to keep growing, learning, and pushing your company.


Monthly Training

Monthly online video training content. LIVE virtual calls to ask questions about the monthly topic.  You also get access to a community of other entrepreneurs. We will push each other along together! If you are looking for accountability, this is a great place to START!


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One-On-One Business Consulting

Get a private hourly or full-day coaching session with Kristy for you or your whole company, either in-person or virtually online. Kristy delivers a custom approach to your company and provides solutions to your biggest pain points and challenges.

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Specific courses and content that is full of information and actionable steps to elevate your company. There will be in-person experiences and online workshops as well. How many workshops, seminars or events have you attended where you were listening and pumped up and really believed in what they were saying? But then you stepped out of the door and the learning was never applied because life hit you right in the face and the excitement slowly faded? Designed to learn and implement changes to create change quickly!

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