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Financial, small business, and household systems training. Showing you how to start, create workflows, and organize in order to be as efficient with your efforts as possible. Save time, money and resources doing it the right way.

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Book Kristy for one-on-one consulting, full-day company consulting, or speaking at your event. A seasoned entrepreneur with actionable advice and resources that will make a difference.

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Templates and resources as downloads to help you get to a destination faster. PDFs downloads to help you organize projects from both a personal household and small business. Organized resources to help you START.

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Business Tools

Shop Kristy's favorite¬†products, including her popular Quarterly STARTplanner ¬ģ, Hustle Business Planner, and other organizational tools. All over on the STARTbrands.com¬†

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Learn How to Think Like A CEO

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This is a 2-day in-person event! You can attend Day 1 and learn the organizational system for small businesses OR Day 2 and learn the basics of small business finance, Kristy's financial workflow, and budgeting. Or you can attend both days! 

May 16th, 17th, 2024, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm.
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Accomplish more. Take calculated steps. Get started.


Financial Training

Kristy shares her systems for making financial and calculated decisions. Teaches basic concepts and automates with a workflow. This is both from a personal household and small business perspective.  

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Small Business Training

Starting a small business or needing to run one more efficiently? Kristy shares her approach to small business systems, automation, and financial systems in order to make strong decisions as a CEO. 

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Household Training

Running a household is not really different than running a business. Breaking down concepts and teaching not only financial systems but how to implement other automation and organization to run a household. 

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Resources, Templates, + How-To Videos

Explore our downloads that will help you to save money, time, and resources to help get you started with the right approach! 


Find financial freedom.
Get more done.
Take calculated steps.

"Kristy brings positive energy and clear direction to anyone she speaks with.  Motivational and awe-inspiring, she is always willing to help, regardless. She is super passionate and has a unique gift to help others transform. "

Emily Stento, Harvard Intellifiate Business Convention
Hi there, I'm Kristy Gayton‚ÄĒ

I am here to push YOU!

I love entrepreneurship. I love finance and all the interworkings of running a small company. I am 100% sure that with my knowledge and vast array of experience, I can help YOU level up by making informed decisions, finding the right resources, and setting up your system correctly and efficiently to enable you to drive the company forward. We all need coaching, training, and pushing sometimes, and I truly believe all entrepreneurs need a coach for accountability. I look forward to being that coach and challenging you!

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Five tips from Kristy that you can implement now to START getting your business systems in order.   

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