$599.00 USD

Start Knowing My Numbers: Home Financial Training Online

I am showing you how to run your home like a business and automate your finances! Learning to be the strong CEO of your life and making decisions based on calculations! 

What you'll get:

  •  Home Financial Course - 4 modules Workbook for each module.
  • MODULE 1: Understanding Your Credit
    Helping you to understand your credit score and what impacts it. How and when you should start building your credit and even ways to start repairing. Breaking down the basics so you can increase your score gives you more financial freedom and opportunities.

    MODULE 2: Budgeting Simplified
    Helping you understand your numbers within your personal finances. Setting budgets, understanding liquidity, and assessing cash flow for fluidity create the freedom that works for your life. Showing different methods to budget so you can pick a workflow and approach that will work for you.

    MODULE 3: Advanced Home Accounting
    How to run your home finances like a business, because there are many similarities. Using Quickbooks Online shows you how to set up a personal chart of accounts, link accounts for automation, and quickly run reports to make more informed financial choices.
    + Free Bonus Content (Worth $49.99)

    MODULE 4: Getting Out Of Debt
    Worksheet to get organized and video to show you how to use the download.
    An online training course that includes videos breaking down concepts and showing you exactly how to. It is a self-paced course that you will have 6 months to complete, which should take you about 3 hours to complete.

30-day money-back guarantee. Yes, you read that right. Watch the entire training. Implement, and if you don't feel like it changes your life/business, get a full refund